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Summer club is back

We are back and better than ever this summer with our kids holiday club!

Every weekday throughout summer @ 10:00-14:00


At The Ordinary Climbers Climbing Gym our mission is to provide our patrons of all ages a fun, safe environment in which to exercise, socialize, and gain new climbing skills. By focusing on these fundamental qualities, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will create an environment that is welcoming to wanting to try climbing for the first time as well as the experienced climber. 

With facilities for roped climbing and bouldering, we are sure there is something for everyone.




instructed sessions

If you are a new climber or have a few sessions under your belt, we’ve got you. Our Instructed Sessions are perfect for the beginner or someone who hasn't climbed for a while. Sessions will be 1h which will involve use of the Bouldering Room and Roped Training Wall. After this our staff will happily discuss through the session and offer more classes if needed.

Price  : £17.50 per 1h session (including harness)

Preparing to Climb



Alongside our boulder cave we have added a specialised calisthenics weight room for all of those looking to train alongside their climbing. They go perfectly hand in hand.

Booking is essential.

£10 per session

Boy Climbing a Wall
The Ordinary Climbers 108.jpg

to climbing course (3c's)

Our 3C's course takes place over 2 consecutive Saturday Mornings (we're flexible if you can't do Saturdays) and teaches you everything you need to know about belaying someone on top-rope. 

You will learn the knots, the technique and how to catch someone falling. These skills are international and can be used anywhere in the world.

Once this course is completed, you can then bring along up to 3 friends and be responisble for their climbing.


Ages 18+


The Ordinary Climbers Experience 

Do you want to reach new heights in climbing with a chance to experience everything the centre has to offer?

Join us to experience some bouldering, moving on to rope climbing and finishing off with an abseil! This session can be completed multiple times.

£22.50 per participant

Ages 8+

The Ordinary Climbers 49.jpg

what to expect

We're here to assist you through your introduction to climbing! Our friendly staff will help you fit your shoes, take you through the gym and show you what you need to know! Everything from safety to basic information about how climbing works, our staff are here to assist you through the whole experience!

The Ordinary Climbers 19.jpg

what to bring

Wear comfy clothes! Don't forget, climbing is all about movement! Skirts, dresses and anything of that sort should not be worn. So you'll also want to stray from restrictive clothing like jeans, tight shirts and jackets! 

If you have climbing shoes bring those with, if not you can hire a pair from reception. 

Stay hydrated! Bring a bottle of water with you, or buy one from the cafe. 

The Ordinary Climbers 16.jpg



That's okay, you can't climb all the time!  We've got free WiFi and plenty of room to relax or get some work done while you wait for friends.  But remember, if you're here with kids, please keep an eye on them!

"I’d never climbed before so took my family and friend to the introduction to climbing course and we loved it!!! Tom who taught us kept us all engaged and most of all we all felt safe. Even my 5 year old managed to get quite high up on the wall. Tom encouraged him by singing the spider-man theme song to him.
Great experience, will definitely go back."

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