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Session Price List

The Ordinary Climbers Experience 1.5h - £24.00 

Do you want to reach new heights in climbing with a chance to experience everything the centre has to offer? Join us to experience some bouldering, moving on to rope climbing and finishing off with an abseil! This session can be completed multiple times. Ages 8+ 

Instructed Session - 1 hour - £19.00

(includes rental harness)

From absolute beginners to those who want to recap their knowledge of basic climbing techniques. This group session is supervised, with max 6 people per session. No previous climbing experience necessary. Can be completed multiple times. Ages 8+ 

2h15min Competent Climbing session - £13.50 

This unsupervised session is for anyone with previous rock climbing experience. Guests will need to complete a quick competency test before being signed off. You will need to show your ability to tie in with a re-threaded figure 8 knot, and show your belay technique using a belay/braking device. Competent climbers must be 18 or over. Competent climbers can be responsible for up to 3 others. This session includes access to bouldering rooms.

Bouldering Only - £12

No experience required here. Climb without ropes in our bouldering rooms. This session is not instructed and kids under 12 need to be supervised at all times. This session includes access to the calisthenics weight room (no unauthorised u16s in weight room)

Please bear in mind that bouldering is inherently a difficult activity that requires some strength and skill to master. We have endeavoured to make it as accessible as possible. Younger children might still find this difficult. Please make our staff aware on your arrival if you would like any guidance on how to get started.

Ages 10+

Competency to Climbing Course (3C's) - £75 18+

For those looking to take the next step. This course falls over two consecutive Saturday mornings (can vary if Saturday's don't work for you). You will learn basic rope and belay techniques and once you have completed your assessment, you will be ready to climb unsupervised in our gym. Please call to book. 01323 483799

10 Punch Pass - £115 (Saves £20)

This pass is a no commitments option for competent climbers only. Valid for 1 year. 

Monthly Membership Full Gym - £65 pcm

Allows for unlimited visits to the Ordinary Climbers Gym and special access to members only events. For competent climbers only. 

Monthly Membership Boulder Only -  £55 pcm

Allows for unlimited visits to the bouldering rooms and calisthenics weights room.

Gear Rental:

Shoe Rental: £4.00

Harness Rental: £4.00

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 Events and Classes

After School Club (ages 8-16)


Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

 17h00 -18h30

With a focus on technique and general climbing knowledge, join us for one session per week. Improve your technique and make new climbing friends! These sessions are booked in monthly blocks.

Get in contact with us to book on. 

£75 per month

toc award

We have devised our own version of the "NICAS" course.

This award entails a 1.5 hour session every week - we would recommend anywhere between 4-6 weeks is ideal for us to get through everything,

In these sessions we start everyone off with just an introduction to climbing so that we are able to gauge everyone’s individual abilities.

We then start to draw our focus towards educating the participants on different climbing styles and techniques to enable them to better develop their skills.

Once we feel everyone has fully understood the safety and dangers of climbing, we will start to get them belaying each other. They will be taught the re-threaded figure of 8 knot and appropriate belay technique, which they can then use in all indoor centres.  This course is priced at £19pp/session for a minimum group size of 15.


Ideal for school groups and scouts etck.

Home Education Class (ages 6-16)

Every Wednesday 

10h30 - 12h00

Are you a home educator looking to give your child an exciting and unique learning experience? Our Home Ed class offers a fun and challenging environment for your child to develop new skills and confidence. Our experienced instructors provide personalized attention to each participant, ensuring safety and technique are prioritized. Join us today and see your child reach new heights!


Coffee & Climb
(ages 4-7)

Every Sunday 

10h00 - 11h00

Every Tuesday + Thursday

15h30 - 16h30

This is a special session for climbers aged 4-7. Our Coffee and Climb session is the perfect activity to build engagement in climbing for young kids. Our experienced instructors will guide your child through a fun and safe climbing experience on the traversal and bouldering walls and take them through plenty of fun climbing games. 

. We even include a complimentary hot drink for parents to enjoy while their kids climb! Sign up now and give your child the chance to try something new and exciting!

(1 drink per child)

£ 15


Every Thursday

18h05-18h25 (20 min)

18h30-19:10 (40 min)

Yoga and rock climbing both involve mind and body working in unison. They both require mental focus and physical control, and getting to grips with your strengths and body movements.

Both climbing and yoga involve challenging positions (some say climbing is like performing vertical yoga poses!) and focusing the mind - it’s key that you connect with the moment in order to maintain that difficult yoga position, or focus on your strategy to make it to the top of the wall.

These sessions are free of charge to anyone who is booked in to a climbing session running at this time.

Alternatively, for 40 min yoga only... book below.

£ 8.00


corporate/ team building events

Take your team building to new heights with our corporate event package! Our climbing gym offers a unique and fun experience that will promote team bonding and give your team a chance to face exciting challenges together. We tailor our packages to fit your specific needs to ensure that your team has an unforgettable experience.

birthday Parties

Create unforgettable memories with our birthday party package at our climbing gym. Our experienced instructors will make sure your guests have an amazing time while staying safe. We provide a fun and challenging environment for everyone to enjoy. While food isnt included in the deal, you're welcome to bring snacks and drinks or order in from your favorite restaurant. Contact us today to make your special day one to remember!


  • 2 hours of travesring, rope climbing, bouldering and abseiling 

  • 30 minutes at a reserved seating area for food

  • £26.00pp

  • Minimum participants: 5, Maximum participants: 25


  • 1 hour of traversing and bouldering and age appropriate games and activities

  • 30 minutes at a reserved seating area for food

  • £19.00pp

  • Minimum participants: 8, Maximum participants: 16


Gift Cards 

Our gift cards are the perfect present for the adventurous person in your life. Available in various amounts, they offer the chance to experience the thrill of climbing in a safe environment with supportive staff. Give them a gift they'll always remember and let them choose from our variety of climbing options. Purchase a gift card online or in-store today!

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